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If you requested more information prior to searching or filing your trademark, we will respond back to you shortly. Otherwise, if you are ready to order your search and/or file your trademark, please choose one of the below Trademark Services Packages to start the process.

Please note that although we process payments through Paypal, you are not required to have a Paypal account. You may pay directly, securely and conveniently via your Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover credit cards.

Finally, TrademarkAuthority does not ask for or retains your credit card information.

Trademark Search Only –$300 – Includes:

$300 Fixed Fee

Trademark Application Only – $300* – Includes:

$300 Fixed Fee + USPTO Filing Fees Starting at $275 Per Class of Goods and/or Services*

No-Brainer Trademark Search and Application Discount Bundle – $600* – Includes:

Starting at Only $600 + USPTO Filing Fees Starting at $275 Per Class of Goods and/or Services*.

Please note that the USPTO charges filing fees for each Class of Goods and Services. The USPTO Trademark Application Filings Fees are currently $275 per Class of Goods and Services. TrademarkAuthority will add any required USPTO Filing Fees to the total cost of any TrademarkAuthority Fixed Fee Trademark Application Bundle or other USPTO filing, such as Statements of Use, Declarations of Continuous Use and Renewals. Upon filing, TrademarkAuthority will request payment of these USPTO fees from you via credit card.

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