Enforcement and Litigation


Trademark Owners Must Police Their Marks Against Infringement and Respond To Claims of Infringement

TrademarkAuthority provides trademark enforcement and policing strategies and services to ensure that our Client’s trademark rights are protected and enforced.


TrademarkAuthority have been highly successful in cost-effectively resolving trademark issues on behalf of our clients, including sending and responding to cease and desist letters and representing and defending clients involved in trademark infringement litigation in Federal and State court and USPTO Opposition and Cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (“TTAB”).

If you have received a cease and desist letter claiming you are infringing on a third party’s trademark or believe a third party is infringing your trademark rights, please Contact Us for a complimentary initial consultation or fill out the Trademark Service Order Form.


A third party or competitor may believe your adoption, use and registration creates a likelihood of confusion with the third party’s mark. Such third party may proceed to file a complaint for trademark infringement in Federal or State court. We have extensive experience in representing clients in litigation matters, as well as developing unique solutions to resolve such matters, including preparing and negotiating licenses, settlements, co-existence and other intellectual property related agreements.

In the event you are involved in any litigation or receive a complaint claiming you are infringing on a third party’s trademark which requires response, we will gladly review your case and provide a quote for engaging in settlement discussions or appearing as your attorney in the proceeding.

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