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Protect your company’s valuable trademarks and brand names today in 4 easy steps…

If you’re looking to invest in Trademark protection for your company start by:


1.  FREE CONSULTATION – Fill out the Get Started Now form on this page or call, e-mail or text us. TrademarkAuthority will then contact you to set up your free initial phone consultation and answer your questions about the trademark registration process.

2.  TRADEMARK SEARCH – TrademarkAuthority will conduct a comprehensive trademark search and send you an availability report on business risks. If your first trademark choice appears unavailable, we will search an alternative trademark without additional charge.

3.  TRADEMARK APPLICATION –TrademarkAuthority will prepare and file your U.S. trademark application.

4.  TRADEMARK REGISTRATION –TrademarkAuthority with monitor your trademark application and forward your registration to you upon issuance by the USPTO.


It’s as simple and easy as these 4 steps.

Do not hesitate any longer to obtain the vital legal protection your company needs moving forward in its path towards success.

Contact us today at: 516.567.2416.

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